Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at MindWorx Software Services (p) Ltd. are constantly striving to provide excellent service to you, our customers and business partners, while building a long-lasting relationship with you. To achieve these goals, we occasionally need information about you when you visit our site.

This policy covers how MindWorx Software Services (p) Ltd. collects, uses and protects the information it gathers through your use of the MindWorx Web sites and in connection with off-line communications. Specifically, MindWorx Software Services (p) Ltd. may collect this information from offline and online registrations and forms, communications and interactions, and sales inquiries and transactions. MindWorx also may use third party sources, such as opt-in lists.

No matter how MindWorx Software Services (p) Ltd. comes to have your information, we want you to know that it respects the privacy of your information and that you should be aware of how we handle it.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

MindWorx Software Services (p) Ltd. does not:

  • Sell the names and addresses of our customers and/or site users to outside vendors.

MindWorx Software Services (p) Ltd. does:

  • Safeguard customers' information from unauthorized access.
  • Collect, maintain and use customer information as necessary to provide the most helpful and targeted products and services to meet customers' needs (e.g. customer care or new products or services).
  • Honor customers' requests to remove their names from our telephone or mail solicitation lists in a timely manner.
  • Maintain confidentiality of customer information when undertaking projects with other companies.