Idea Incubation

Share your initial costs with us in order to bring your start-up idea to life. We will take care of software development and help you shape your idea into a sound product.

We use Lean Start-up methodology to test product hypotheses rapidly – speeding up the development and learning cycles increases the odds of a successful product-market fit. Our team members have participated in a handful different start-ups.

At MindWorx we believe and do respect every tiny or giant suggestion from every team member. We have a dedicated Idea Incubation Platform where we record all such ideas. We have well defined process to drive the Life Cycle of Idea Incubation.

Idea Incubation

We guarantee 20% - 30% Value Add in every engagement with this platform; where leaders motivate your project team members to share ideas on this platform.

Platform has evolved through a number of years of experience and now reached to maturity where; we can categories each Idea into various buckets / categories, assign leader, allow public / private promotions of ideas on the platform etc.

We demonstrate mature ideas to our clients in our quarterly meetings. This is one of the USP of MindWorx which has been highly recognized and appreciated by most of our clients worldwide.

Process and Benefits:

  • During idea generation, a list of alternative ideated solutions is generated, seeds are sown.
  • During incubation, the seeds are allowed to sprout, to grow unobstructed.
  • During analysis, the plants are pruned and weeds are removed, till only the usable alternatives remain.
  • Implementation involves choosing the final solution, planning, developing a detailed roadmap, communicating it to the teams and finally acting on the blueprint.