Turnkey Solutions

MindWorx can be your single window for all your IT Requirements.

We provide Complete IT Infrastructure Solutions along with customized software as a part of our Turnkey solution for customers.

Our Turnkey solutions are specifically tailored to meet customers' needs and combine and integrate varying elements and aspects of Computer Infrastructure Solutions and Application Software Solutions.

We at MindWorx understand the importance of having products that are ready to use upon deployment and hence aid organizations in developing turnkey solutions for their businesses so they can realize higher benefits.

Our vast experience in developing turnkey solutions has enabled us with the capacity to add the additional punch of simplicity and user-friendliness in any given turnkey project.

Why Choose Us

We at MindWorx have a glorious track record of coming up with fool proof futuristic designs plans which have the power to stand the test of times. Our in-depth knowledge of the principles of design and development.


Our vastly experienced industry and technologies experts along with our large partner ecosystem, collaborate with the Stakeholders and subject matter experts with the customer to ensure that the solution being deployed meets their business objectives.

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How You Benefit

Turnkey solutions help you reach the market faster. The solution does not have to undergo market testing as it is already proven and hence you benefit from zero loss of time for the development and testing of a solution and can start reaping benefits from the word go.

Our deep understanding of the software development process and technology proficiency guarantees solution completion and launch in the shortest possible time. At the same time, well-tuned quality assurance procedures control reliability of the delivered solution.

A Single window approach removes the hassles of dealing with and orchestrating multiple vendors, there by maintaining account ability with a single source.


In the field of IT, “out of the box” has a different meaning. It is a confluence of various technical tools with an intention to design an out of the box product. We understand the permutations and combinations of the ideas behind an innovation. While handling a turnkey product we are aware of the fact that innovation is none but a converged thought process to attain the desired goal from a new path.


We understand that the solution developed has to gel well with the service or products offerings of our customers. Hence, we develop turnkey solutions keeping in mind the business workflow and related nuances of our clients and hence ensure that the solution is functional enough to be integrated into any scenario and can be used in multiple industries.


Developing turnkey solutions is a serious affair, and we understand that involving both parties, i.e. the client and MindWorx is of utmost importance. We at MindWorx believe in visibility of service through transparent execution and periodic involvement of the customer in the execution process.

Frequent project health check meetings ensures that all the team members are on the top of the situation. We at MindWorx are completely dedicated towards the need of the clients and understand that the product being developed meets their requirements completely.

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We have a dedicated team of experts on various platforms, domains, methodologies, and technologies. We use this expertise on hand to develop world class quality turnkey solutions for our customers.

We employ all the latest and the best in class tools and ensure that we stay up-to-date so that we can develop and provide our customers the best solutions. You can reach out to us to know more about the technologies we work on and the platforms we use.

Professional Guidance

We at MindWorx have developed an idea incubation platform, as a part of our Turnkey Solution, where in every team member contributes innovative ideas towards building a best class solution. During the process, the management team at MindWorx also provides the professional guidance during the initial stages of the project so as to ensure that the solution is being proposed is fool proof, scalable and can be implemented in the fastest possible time.

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We at MindWorx believe that our solutions should be consistent in its build and performance for every customer and every deployment. The consistency of a turnkey project is dependent on the success of the time delivery of the various stages of the project. We ensure timelines are met with and the quality of the solutions developed is maintained.