Enterprise Document Explorer

  • Do You have a Large Repository of documentation to be accessed frequently?

  • Do you have a large field force that needs to access documentation on the fly?

  • Do your managers need to access important documentation while on the move?

We offers state of the art mobile app to its clients to explore, access and view crucial documents from authorised document repository

DocuPRO Features

Smart phone and Tab ready app (Android and iOS)

Push notificationson updates

Secured login and authorised access

Advanced sorting and data filters

Integrate with Google drive, DropBox, S3 and also enterprise repositories

Bookmark and share document

Supports all major file formats

User level access control

Global search on documents and folders

Web interface (optional)

Key Benefits

Anytime and anywhere access

Empower users with timely information

Enable Faster & effective decision making

Improved productivity

Low cost of maintenance

Integrate with all kinds of cloud based repositories and provide secure access

Key Features

  • Can be integrated with widely used repositories like GoogleDrive, DropBox, S3 and Enterprise cloud based repositories

  • Define roles and permissions to access authorized documents

  • Provide user level and folder level access control

Key Benefits

  • Rest assured that your critical documents can be stored in a secured way

  • Relevant documents can be accessedonly by authorized user(s) on the move, any time and any where

  • A user can access only that document which he is authorized to

User Friendly Document Explorer

Key Features

  • WYSWYG feature

  • Real time synchronization of folders/files with the repository

  • Notifications of new version or updated version of documents

  • View documents in ‘Folder’ view or Document List view

  • Easy navigation between the two views

  • Option to mark folders or documents as favorite

Key Benefits

  • Only authorized folders available to view/ access to the user

  • Get access to the latest version of an authorized document made available on the repository

  • Access favorite folders/ documents by conveniently accessing ‘Favorites’ tab.

  • Access to all major file formats viz; .xlsx, docx, .pptx, .pdf, .txt etc.

Advanced Productive Features

Key Features

  • Push Notifications on updates

  • Advance sorting of documents

  • Filters documents on file type

  • Global search of documents and folders

  • Book mark and Share documents

  • View Document Properties

Key Benefits

  • Improve user productivity with convenience features

  • Sharing / presenting documents to target audience fromthe convenience of your smart phone or tablet

  • Enable faster decision making by empowering your users

Web Interface (Optional)

Key Features

  • Explore the document repository using the browser

  • Synchronized view on the browser

Key Benefits

  • Provide convenience to your users through browser access when needed.

  • Uniformity in features with the mobile / tablet version adds to the convenience